Education: the Key to Opportunity

 Plans for Youth in Hoi An, Vietnam  

The founders of Loc Phat, Linh and Rocky, are determined to offer opportunities to children of low-income families who have little or no access to education. In 2010, they started their charitable work and they have helped __ students since. 

 Linh and Rocky’s Work helping community to Date 

One scholarship covering fees for the entire school year has been given to a deserving child every year since 2010.  Although the education of primary school is free to all Vietnamese children, the cost of books, uniforms, transportation, and related incidentals is not, making formal education impossible for too many families. 

A bicycle, essential for daily life in Vietnam, is given to the child who shows academic promise. 

Free English lessons are offered to youth from disadvantaged families five days a week. Free English classes are also offered to all staff working at Loc Phat Villa. 

New Initiatives 

A Social Enterprise Program (SEP) 

This program will initially focus on developing skills to prepare young people to work in the tourism industry, including: interpersonal and communication skills, music and the arts, making crafts, gardening with emphasis on permaculture and growing methods for local foods, as well as creating and hosting local tours of the city, the river, their farm or elsewhere in the Hoi An area.


Background- Rocky & Linh 

Linh and Rocky, a husband-and-wife team, parent of three children, are an important part of the Hoi An community.  They built Loc Phat Villa and Crystal Restaurant in Hoi An, Vietnam. Education and hard work have led them to their success, for which they are genuinely grateful. They recognize their good fortune and as a result, they give back to the community. 

Rocky (Quoc Ba Vo), comes from a large family with limited resources. Rocky had to work his way,-step by step as he states it- to acquiring the skills he possesses today in the constructionbusiness. “Heart” is first and foremost in everything we do, he believes. He wants the best for his people and is deeply committed to working with Linh to create a learning centre for young people with otherwise limited opportunities. 

Linh (Linh Nguyen) grew up with limited resources in a small fishing village, and learned that receiving an education was the key to a more fulfilling life.  From a young age, Linh supported her schooling through many different jobs, primarily in the hospitality industry. Humbly, but with an enthusiastic attitude, she began at the bottom and worked her way up the ladder to become manager for a sophisticated hotel in Vietnam.


Program Sustainability  

Outside financial donations are welcomed and are directly rerouted to the youth in this charititable program. Linh and Rocky have municipal approval by their district to receive and manage these donations. This support is furthered by the volunteer help of Thich Chanh Tri (Nguyen Van Thuan), a Buddhist monk living in Hoi whose devotion has greatly aided the underprivileged communities with which he has worked. 

Part of the revenue created by the tours, and cooking classes supported by SEP.

 Plans to create income from the products of the SEP are on the drawing board. These are unique Vietnamese holiday sweets, specialized teas and coffees, hand-crafted soaps, puppets, masks, greeting cards, small paintings, art-brooms and mats. 

Donations of time and skill and teaching materials by reliable and dedicated volunteers to the English as a Foreign Language program are essential for its success.  

The donation of space offered by Loc Phat Villa for the classes is also extremely welcome. 

Additional Background Notes on English Language Program 

The Loc Phat program for teaching English was born when Linh and Kaylaira Lea began collaborating in September 2017. Kaylaira has been instrumental in designing the program and finding volunteer teachers and donors of much needed reading materials for all levels for the school. 

The English classes are held at the Loc Phat Villa and there are plans to offer classes in small fishing villages outside of Hoi An to allow for greater participation from dis-advantaged youth. 

Arts (music, movement, theatre and visual arts) and ecology (how to care for the planet) are a significant focus of the English language program. 

Linh and Rocky use online programs such as Workaway, HelpX and Wwoofing, as well as general networking to secure appropriate volunteers.  

What Volunteers Have to Say About Their Experience 

Kaylaira Lea is a Canadian artist and teacher has a keen interest in collaborating with others in their journey to greater, sustainable health. Helping the earth and encouraging the creative in all of us is
are key to a more balanced and beautiful life. Working with Linh Nguyen to develop an educational program is a dream come true. 

Anne Stratford is a Canadian illustrator, translator and ESL/EFL teacher, who was inspired by Kaylaira’s dedication to her beliefs and by her project at Loc Phat, where she has found a home away from home. Linh and Rocky’s love for all those who come to Loc Phat, guests and staff alike is very, very, very powerful. She is counting the days until she comes back to teach again.